Warrior Vlog #4 (Old Projects, New Projects, Camera’s Kinda Broke)

In this episode of my warrior VLOG I talk about what I have up to in the shop this week. I talk about some of the old projects I worked on finishing as well as my next video project I’m going to post on YouTube. My black Lab makes an appearance as well. I’m excited to be back in the shop this week and creating again. As you will here in the VLOG I have been working toward what I am calling a shop reset. I want to have all my old unfinished projects caught up and working on new projects as soon as possible. I feel like that is where I am currently at, I got the projects that were lingering either finished or on there way this week so have a listen to my VLOG linked above if you are interested in a little more detail on any of this. As always thanks for reading and listening.

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