Warrior VLOG #2 (Shop Update and New Tools!)

In this VLOG I talk about what I have been doing and explain why I have been absent from YouTube for so long. I also talk about new tools that I have acquired and talk about the future of my channel. As you can see from the video featured image above I added a ton of new hand tools to my arsenal of woodworking tools. The more and more that I use power tools the more and more I realize that its near impossible to get exact precision with them. Since this video I have added even more hand tools and am quickly becoming a proponent of their use over power tools. It seems as if it is far easier to be flawless with your work when the cutting edge of your tool isn’t spinning at 16000 rpm’s. Enough about my frustration with power tools…. if your interested in any of the topics listed above take a look at this VLOG entry. Let me know your thoughts as usual in the comment section below and if your not already a subscriber or follower please shoot over to Instagram or YouTube and hit that subscribe button. Thanks for reading and I will talk to you soon.

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