Shop Organization: Putting it Back Together – 04

I shot this video shortly after I moved into my first legitimate house, my previous one was technically a duplex. The potential for this garage was limitless and I took this chance to film myself putting it into a format that looked more like a workshop rather than the pile of tools it was when I began. Basically, this entire video is shot at 10x real speed due to not want to make a 5-hour long video. I thought my viewers would appreciate it and actually take time to watch it by doing so. This isn’t a project video but I thought some of you would enjoy watching my new shop come into shape. I know some of what I enjoy by watching YouTube videos is the progression of someone’s shop over time. Let me know what you think below in the comments, at some point I will make a shop tour video and I would love to know what it is that has entertainment value to my viewers when it comes to this sort of thing.

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