Installing Trimble SketchUp – 03

In this informational video, I walk you through how to install Google SketchUp. Since this video was originally posted however a company called Trimble has purchased rights to it and has assumed all responsibility for it. I begin this tutorial by showing you where you can find the software and hardware minimum requirements that your system must meet or exceed before installing and using the software. Below is a link that will take you to the page listing these requirements.

Software and Hardware Requirements

Basic Download Instructions

1. Open up your favorite web browser and navigate to you favorite search engine.
2. Type the keywords “Trimble Sketchup Download” into the search box and press enter or return.
3. When the search results appear click on the link labeled “Download SketchUp | Download
4. Once the webpage loads there are a series of form fields that you will be asked to fill out.
5.When I install this program on systems that I own I always select the option for “Personal Projects” in the first dropdown, input my email address, choose woodworking from the second dropdown menu, then select windows from the third dropdown.
6.Once you have filled out the field and selected the options that are pertinent to you agree to the license agreement.
7.Press Download

Installing the software is easy and typical of most standard software installations. As a result I won’t be giving a blow by blow of how to install the software. I will however be available to answer any questions you have about installing this program. Please comment on this post or in the comment section of the video post on YouTube with any questions you have on this topic. Thanks for reading.

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